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Who I Am

Who I Am

Coach, Artist, Seeker

About ten years ago, I realized that I wasn’t happy, and I made a drastic decision: I would be willing to change anything in order to get happier, but the first thing I’d make a serious evaluation of was myself.

What I soon discovered is that I kept expecting my fairy godmother to show up and give me the life I wanted…..and what was even worse, I was now pretty certain she didn’t exist. The truth was – and is – that the person who has the most control over my happiness is me! If I don’t like my circumstances or the consequences of my decisions, I am the only one truly capable of steering myself out of them. It’s a terrifying reality.

More drastic decisions followed: I quit my job. I moved about 1000 miles away from where I’d been living. I changed from rat race hustler to slow food producer. I stopped shopping for shoes and started raising chickens.

Y’all, it was a shock to everyone – even me.

Only two things didn’t change: I still loved my partner, and I still believed that somewhere out there was a God who loved me and who had some seriously bad marketing execs. Thank heavens, neither of them quit on me.

In my quest for peace and happiness I didn’t just start raising what I ate, I also began questioning what I believed and why I believed it at a deep spiritual level. God didn’t really fit very well into that box I always stuck him in. Would I be brave enough to let God out of the box?

I’d love to tell you that I have all the answers, but I can’t. But what I can tell you is that I’m passionately pursuing them with a wide-open mind and steadfast desire…..and the most exciting part is: I’m still growing! When you take yourself and God out of the boxes that society told you you both belonged in, you’ll soon find that the sky is quite literally the limit.

Welcome to the journey!

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