This novel was gripping, entertaining and chilling. It is even more chilling as you realize the women in the book were real as were the events.

I make it a point never refer to anyone as a Nazi – unless you also were part of the genocide of more than six million people – but I think this novel, read at this time, has made me extremely wary of anything that even has a whiff of totalitarianism. In my own personal opinion, cancel culture stinks to high heaven….as does racism, as does homogenized thinking, as does… many things about this time we live in. I do not want to be “synchronized.”

I agree with Greta: “Scapegoating Jews – or Communists, Poles, women, immigrants – was the refuge of the lazy, envious, and unimaginative. It made the world an ugly, hostile place to live in and did nothing to solve any actual problems. She would rather be solitary than count bigots among her friends.”

I cannot imagine stepping into the shoes of these brave, brave women – of whom there were so many. This truly was the greatest generation.

Long live free speech, free press and free ideas!

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