Love Wins

“You don’t have to be understood to be loved.” That’s what my therapist said today, and it struck me that this is exactly what we’ve been talking about for the last few weeks without even knowing it. Love, you see, isn’t exactly what we’ve believed it to be. Love, in my opinion, is a classic […]

Fighting Dragons

This post was inspired my friend, Lizzie the Liberator, a bosom friend if ever there was one. She’d be quick to remind us that: “Liberation does not happen in a day.” But it does happen. I love story. I think words are magical. The Christian creation story says that God spoke the world into being. […]

Calling All My Fellow Passengers

I’ve had some time to think about our situation. You know the one. We’re on that bus…..the struggle one with bad brakes, no shocks and a driver who seems to be slightly myopic. It’s a rough ride, kid, but the company is fabulous. I’ve decided we need to celebrate our situation. It may suck, but […]

All Aboard the Struggle Bus

The truth is that sometimes writing for this blog is just plain hard. As I’ve said in my introduction, I feel like I’m a genuinely positive person. Even when life gets hard, I’m always on the lookout for the silver lining. When you are struggling with anxiety, sometimes you just don’t have the energy for […]

What the Shell….

It all started with the turtles. Last spring and summer, I saw turtles everywhere, and I don’t think there was like a turtle population boom….or even a turtle music festival… was just the universe. Speaking. The truth is that I think the mighty God of the universe who created hummingbirds and killer whales and the […]

The Quest – 5/25/2020

I love to write. That’s a huge reason why I finally decided to start a blog, and normally, writing for me is just joy. Words flow – not quite effortlessly but almost. When I want to express my truest feelings, the written word is my natural milieu. While spoken words have failed me countless times, […]