“The Aftermath” by Rhidian Brook

This is the story of what happened in Germany after World War II looking through the lives of an English officer who was ordered to stay and “clean up” after the war, his wife and son as well as the lives of a German family of survivors and a ragtag group of feral children. This […]

“In A Dark, Dark Wood” by Ruth Ware

This novel had all the elements for a good, creepy, suspenseful read……. But then…….. It fell a bit flat. It followed the script a little too neatly. The surprises were all a little too expected. Even the who done it was a bit of a let down. In all, it was a great novel that […]

“The Dream Daughter” by Diane Chamberlain

Of all the time travel novels I have ever read, I must say that this, by far, was the most creative. The plot to travel not to the past, but to the future was unexpected. The twisting and turning of time….did the past influence the present? Or did the future influence the past?…..was mesmerizing. The […]

“Dreams of Falling” by Karen White

This was an enjoyable, but not memorable read. It’s perfect for a lazy day when you don’t want to get to over-wrought over your fiction. The main character, Larkin, is called back home to South Carolina’s Low Country after her mother is found unconscious. The weeks that follow bring about the unraveling of her grandmother’s […]

“The Bookish Life of Nina Hill” by Abbi Waxman

If you are looking for an easy rom-com read that won’t stress you out or cause you angst, let me introduce you to Nina Hill. She’s a little Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” and a little Anne Hathaway (in practically anything). She’s organized. She loves books. She isn’t looking for love, but it shows […]

“Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman

Despite the title, it only takes a chapter or so to realize that Eleanor Oliphant is NOT fine. This is an endearing story that not only sheds a painful light on the long-lasting trauma inflicted during childhood, but how we can be redeemed with a little self-love and friendship. I loved walking with Eleanor as […]

“A Matter of Trust” by Lis Wiehl with April Henry

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan Christian fiction, but this novel barely fit into the genre. Does it mention God? Yes. Does it refrain from sex scenes and swearing? Yes. Does it mention church? Yes. That’s really about as far as it goes. I enjoyed the characters. I felt the author did a […]

“Eaters of the Dead” by Micheal Crichton

I love Micheal Crichton’s books. They are smart and gripping and always leave me thinking long after I’m done reading. And I thought I had read everything he had to offer. (Including a few published posthumously; these I do not recommend. There is a reason the author didn’t publish when alive.) Imagine my surprise then […]

“Carolina Reckoning” by Lisa Carter

I’ll just go ahead and say it up front: I’m not a fan of Christian fiction. It tends to come across as milk-toast. The highs and lows of reality tend to get nullified by some bizarre Christian belief that we aren’t supposed to experience strong feelings or anything that isn’t easily explained away in a […]