Whatever path you are on….

You are not alone.


As an avid hiker, one of my favorite things to find or leave along the trail is a cairn. It’s just a little something – a tip of the hat, if you will – to acknowledge those who pass that same way after you.

I have entered middle age with less of a bang and more of a stuttering, awkward start. All the plans that I had made for myself and invested myself in have not turned out the way I thought they would. I have entered instead a period of great transition. I call it “my quest”.

I doubt I’m alone in this time of uncertainty so this is my tip of the hat to you. You aren’t alone. This journey is manageable.

You are welcome here.

Let the adventure begin……

Stuff I Write About

Opinions of the Curmudgeon

Somehow I’ve turned into my grandfather. He used to stand on his porch, fist raised in consternation and yell at whoever was bothering him at the time – usually the kids who used his yard as a shortcut.

Since I don’t really want to yell on my porch, I just let it rip here. Follow along if you want to amuse your inner grumpy, old man.

Books, Dogs & The Great Outdoors

Other than my faithful partner of 20 years – hitherto referred to as “the man” – books, dogs and the outdoors are my main passions.

My mom told me to “read everything” so I do. My mom is not so excited about my love of man’s best friend.

As for the outdoors, I’ve been finding forgotten places since childhood.

The Quest

What am I doing here?

Do I have a purpose?

Am I wasting my time?

This isn’t how I thought it would go.

Welcome to the quest. This is where I try to make sense of the story I’m living in.

About Me

I am a risk adverse middle-aged adult who, ten years ago, suddenly found herself making some pretty huge, risky life choices: Sell my home and move to a state where I knew no one and never visited? Why not? Quit my job and start a farm in this strange, new land? But, of course!

Ten years later, I am questioning some of those choices. Farming is hard. Moving to a state more than 700 miles away IS like moving to a different country. You probably should take more than four days deciding to move there. Those are just two lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Throwing caution to the wind is not my forte……yet here I am – caution duly thrown. What do I do now?

This is the story of what happens when you chase your dreams with abandon and then find out that maybe those dreams just weren’t for you.

As for who I am…..well, it’s complicated. I’m basically just a big, old work in progress.

— Sarah